Well, hello there new year, what’s occurring?  Whatever it is, please don’t let it be a repeat of last year’s epic b*ll*cks.  Thanks ever so much, old chap.

So……. we’re almost a week in and I haven’t bothered to promise to do anything, because I’ve finally made my peace with the fact that I have absolutely no self discipline.  I forgot that I usually participate in Dry January and had a lovely boozy lunch in Girona on Tuesday.  I’ve watched a couple of Bodycoach workouts, you know, for inspiration – while finishing off all the Christmas treats left in the house (in the first twenty-four hours after returning from Blighty).

As for the rest of the world at large, if I had religion I’d pray for the following:

  • Trump gets found out and impeached for whatever shady dealings he’s getting away with at the moment
  • Nothing terrible happens in the USA
  • The U.K. and the EU kiss and make up and vow not to speak of the bump in the road, again
  • Nothing terrible happens in the UK
  • Facts and science are once again given credence over vitriolic bullshit
  • People stop being so bloody angry at the things that don’t matter, and direct their emotions into the things that do
  • Katy Hopkins and Nigel Farage (and all their ilk), take a ‘well-earned break’ which they enjoy so much, they decide never to come back; and disappear into obscurity
  • George Clooney announced his plans to run for the US presidency in 2020


  • Brangelina get back together and restore our faith in the existence of love (pah!)


Failing all of the above, I at least choose to be a nicer person.  In light of the last year’s crashing deluge of global hatred and stupidity, I’d like to exercise logic and kindness whenever and however I can.

This, at the very least, I know I can manage.


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