Who’s with me?

Ok people, enough is e-bloody-nuff.  

The world’s gone blewmin’ mad and I don’t know where to turn to avoid some kind of mega-crisis. And that’s not counting the existential one. That bastard, I gotta deal with on a daily basis, so I don’t need all this other shit pitching in.  You hear that universe?

So as it turns out,  I left my country before I even realized that it was still suffering an enormous hangover from the days of the




invasions, and fiercely anti-everyone from ‘outside’.   So when Brexit happened it simply cemented a feeling that I’d made the right decision to have a cheeky little European adventure.  Apart from the teeny, tiny fact that all my European citizen rights would no longer exist after March 2019.  Oh yeah, THAT.  Shit all the way off, Brexiteers.

Then I got my permanent residency card, and I felt a little anchored once again. There are no guarantees with this, none whatsoever but you know, on some deep psychological level, I felt better. 

Then the last week of September and the first day of October happened.  What the hell is going on?!  Armed national police raided local government buildings and confiscated pcs, mobiles, laptops and papers and detained government workers and their families.  I was on the streets of Barcelona with my partner early on Sunday morning, to support him in his referendum vote.  The day was a peaceful protest. I never in a million years expected to see the scenes that unfolded….. I’m sorry, correct me if I’m wrong, but I am living in a twenty-first century democratic country.  Aren’t I?

Whatever your political leanings, and I have been largely neutral in the current situation, you cannot ignore or excuse the violence that ensued on Sunday.  storm troopers marched into tiny rural villages to terrify the hundred or so inhabitants. In the cities Robocops dragged and beat retirees waiting peacefully in line. They threw women down stairs and broke fingers deliberately, one by painful one. 

My heart is broken, because the world is rubbish.  I could never have imagined this could happen. And then afterwards, be justified. 

And so the hunt is on. The hunt is on for a place where all are welcome (not you U.K.), and people can speak freely and air their grievances without fear of violence (not you Spain).  I’m warming (ironically) to Iceland.  They believe in trolls and fairies – what’s not to love about that, they jail corrupt politicians and bankers and they have that chant…… please observe Euro 2016.  No really, please.  You owe it to yourself. 

Unless you guys know of an island that needs inhabiting (nowhere in  the nuke zone of North Korea) by the likes of, well, us kind, peaceful, fairly normal folk – then I’m off to Iceland.  Who’s with me?

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