Sundays, the best day of the week

Dictionary definition of Anne Pank on Sundays

Dictionary definition of Anne Pank on Sundays

When I’m not in the gym first thing Sunday morning, bench pressing 20 kilos (!!), I like to relax with a nice, lllooooong lie-in.  So long sometimes it can even last until Monday when I have to go to work.  So technically, this ceases to be a lie-in and is indeed, ‘bedridden’.

Sunday lie-ins are marvellous and one of my favourite things to do, preferably with another man being, (‘A’ man being, not ‘another’ man being because I am a woman being.  And allegedly an English teacher!)  Because man beings are fun to have around and contact with other humans, male or female, is good sometimes and on a practical note, for a bit of extra warmth.  Someone cool and attractive and funny, who you can read the Sunday papers with, which have been delivered so as not to require leaving the house at any point, chat with, snuggle up to with your delightfully fragrant morning breath, put the world to rights and do a bit of the s*x with.

But failing that idealised romantic view of Sunday mornings, in your shabby-chic European bedroom that’s all dreamy and floaty and white, with shutter doors that open out onto a little balcony, and diaphanous drapes blowing in the breeze – a giant mug of tea, a packet of Oreos/pork pies/bacon flavour Ruffles – delete as appropriate- and re-runs of friends.  **sigh, what a wonderful life I have……..


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