International No Diet Day

What’s that now?  We need a ‘national day’ to remind us to eat food?  Hhmmmmmm………  My response to this on Twitter was, “Every day is no diet day in my house.  Enjoy your food.”  Unless you are that special, weird Barbie woman who claims to subsist on air; we all need to eat to stay alive.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m careful, I go to the gym, and generally I eat well.  By which I mean, fish, lean meat, vegetables, fruit etc. etc. et-(some might say boring)-cetera.  But when and if the mood takes me to eat a pimped pizza, washed down with half a bottle of red wine and followed by something containing illegal amount of delicious, rich creamy chocolate covered in delicious, rich creamy cream, I will.

My brother once said something very profound to me, he said, “Sis, it’s like the most simple sum in the world.  If you put more calories in your face, than you expend in an average day, then you’re going to gain weight.”  Wow.  Watch out Professors Stephen Hawkin and Brian Cox (I’d cover him in delicious, rich creamy cream and chocolate).   But it stuck with me.  Oh yeah – hears sound of penny dropping here.

Now, I know that if Victoria Beckham should just so happen to read this, she would possibly break out in hives and probably have me slammed in the stocks, slap bang in the centre of Placa Catalunya, as quick as you can say, ‘sniff a lettuce’.  Then, encourage passers-by to pelt me to death with endamame beans.

So be it.  I think it’s important to eat healthily, in general, but also to emphasise that the term ‘diet’, comes with all kinds of negative connotations connected to almost starving oneself to look like the ridiculous ideals we see every day in magazines and on our screens.  And that’s bad.

Have what you want (don’t misunderstand me, I’m not advocating eating lumps of lard covered in hundreds and thousands, looks pretty, tastes terrible and your heart……. phew!), but everything in moderation.  We really shouldn’t need a #NationalNoDietDay, as this suggests for 364 days of the year we are denying ourselves.

Take care. eat, enjoy your food.  It really is one of life’s most fantastic pleasures. And most importantly, don’t feel guilty about enjoying it.



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