Back to reality, of sorts

After a holiday that seemed to go on for ever, and yet somehow seems non-existent now, I started back to work-full schedule-this week.  It was surprisingly lovely to get back into the office, see some familiar faces, and meet some new folk too.  But, I’ve also discovered, much to my chagrin, that I worship at the altar of routine.

Old school agenda.  Remember those????

Old school agenda. Remember those????

I never thought I’d ever say that, out loud.  But there, you have it, it is true.  Without the contraints of regular hours and some kind of direction, i.e. towards the office, and my private classes; I can get a little out of control, very easily swept along, experience extreme highs and crashing blues.  And as my little sister once said a few years ago, she was very glad that I was possessing of no particular talent, because she thought it very likely I’d be dead.  I had to agree with her.

So two months of total freedom is quite enough.  Thank you very much.  For my health and my sanity.

So, when I say back to reality, I don’t mean abject mundanity and boredom.  That’s not what I mean at all.  My weekend involved fancy doughnuts with munchkins, at Travel and Cake, Barcelona.  Followed by drinks with the girls and boys at Super Super, involving a rather heated debate about the *4Chan naked celebrity scandal.  A ‘bit’ of a hangover and a whole day in the alternate universe that was the International Barcelona Tattoo expo, at which we drank beer, watched people get inked, shared lunch space with a tattooed giant in a thong, sang along with a Spanish Elvis tribute; and saw my friend (her of penis gallery legendary status), get her first tattoo.  So all told my reality is pretty cool.  I’m lucky and I love it.

*I am not of the mind that you should expect bad things to happen when you are simply using a file storing facility.  Or that you should accept that ar*seholes will steal your personal information simply because you are famous.  Famous doesn’t mean you are public property, and it does not mean that you should never feel secure enough to take and keep sexy pictures of yourself.


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