Things I learned in Britain, August 2014

As I leave this green and pleasant land, the same way I arrived, slightly hungover, after two and a half weeks with family and friends (old and new), I take with me the following: • It’s cold and wet. All year. Usually just when I arrive in Wales. • North Wales is breathtakingly beautiful, in […]


Cambridge in 60 Seconds: A city’s identity in jeopardy?

Originally posted on Globe Drifting:
Dusk begins to settle and Cambridge punts relax their weary wooden bodies in the after glow of a setting sun as the cyclical familiarity of another day floating along the River Cam comes to a close. ‘Cambridge has seen many strange sights. It has seen Wordsworth drunk, it has seen Porson…

Life is all about balance

and so to temper the sombre mood of the first post of today (and after the ‘dog chases chicken’ comedy aside), a little good news to brighten my day.  I’ve just secured my place to go to Cambridge in September to do an intensive course!  (OK, it’s only a week long, but it’s CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY!) […]