Thought for the day

I bought some shoes.  No biggie.  I LOVE the shoes I bought, with actual, real love in my heart.  They are beautiful and sexy shoes. 


I love you shoes…. x

I know that I am not alone in saying that, for the most part, the women love the shoes.  (Maybe apart from some of the locals who seem to favour comfort above all…..see below ).  I’m in very good company, as I don’t know many of my friends who don’t appreciate a beautiful pair of shoes, like they would do a work of art. 

For women, it is said, that wearing the perfect pair of high heels can give you extra confidence, a feeling of sexiness, even command.  You would never see a powerful woman in the boardroom sporting a bright yellow pair of Crocs.  Not on your nelly.  There is a psychological  connection that has even prompted scientific studies and books to be written about the subject.  Maybe. 

Also, urban legend has it that screen goddess and probably the most famous woman/sex-symbol of all time, Marilyn Monroe, took a little height off one heel in order to give her extra ‘wiggle’. 

Although honestly thinking about this logically, the most likely outcome in all reality would, I’m sure, have been the resulting appearance of a slight limp.  Hhmmm…..

I believe that beautiful shoes, like the general wearing of sequins in every day life can genuinely lift the spirits.

N.B. They can also if you are not careful, on wearing them for the very first time, give you the gait of a weathered navvy with uncomfortably large b*lls………

Do NOT wear these

And, because I care about you, here is a public health warning

DO NOT EVER wear the shoes on the left, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!! 

I have actually seen real-life women wearing these monstrosities in actual, real life on more than one occasion and the experience left me a little disturbed, traumatised even, if I can be absolutely honest with you.  They didn’t even have sequins on them.  What’s that about? 

(They upset me so much that I made the photo as small as possible and moved it far, far away from the beautiful shoes above).


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