OK, all joking aside

First serious post.  Feels weird. It’s never a nice thing to see someone you care about so sad and so repentant and unable to fix the pain in their heart.  I know I know, it was great getting gifts and joking about when the boredom would set in, yada yada yada.  And this was all, […]

Reasons why I don’t have kids #5

I spend a lot of time gazing at newly purchased, beautiful shoes.  I also put them on and take them off repeatedly, I walk around in them a bit, just to check they are still as beautiful and sexy on, as they are off. Usually, thankfully, they are. Now, if I had children I would […]

Thought for the day

I bought some shoes.  No biggie.  I LOVE the shoes I bought, with actual, real love in my heart.  They are beautiful and sexy shoes.  I know that I am not alone in saying that, for the most part, the women love the shoes.  (Maybe apart from some of the locals who seem to favour comfort […]