and the countdown begins!

to loTs of ThinGS!  OVer ExciTED, ME!??!?!?!  YAY!  Whoop….. (just a little)

So, tomorrow is the final day of Dry January, firstly.  During this month I have been out a couple of times with the girls and had nothing-but realised I still feel 100% perfectly comfortable and at ease talking about penis galleries, flaccid penises and shadow penises (more on that later).  Always interesting stuff and good to know we just like to talk about them, with or without the lubrication of booze.  I had my first ever date in the entire history of time (since I was old enough to drink and have dates), without being squiffy enough to take the edge off the nerves.  I have sniffed the rim of a mojito glass, a cava glass – twice, at two separate events – and endured one whole day where the thought of cava didn’t leave my mind for one, single unbearable second.  I may have even dreamt about it that night.  It’s only now I’m starting to really feel any difference, just when I’m about to start drinking again!   I’ll probably keel over at the gig on Saturday night at a mere sniff of the barmaid’s apron, but I will buckle in and give it my best shot.  Miss T, you have been warned!

I will NOT be going here apparently

, I have my trip to Gay Paris.  Oohh la la!  I’m so looking forward to the little break out of town, I’m looking forward to going back after 20 years, I’m looking forward to laughing, a lot, I’m looking forward to the sterling company and more important than all of that?  CHEESE people, and WINE.  and LOTS of it.  (That ‘people’ is referring to you lovely readers and not actual people made of cheese, although I do believe, there is a small community of such people living in the 8th Arrondissement near the  Petit Palais).   I already have my entire weekend wardrobe planned with military precision and I’m hoping there’s enough room on the moto of my charming host for the 20kilos of choice I’m bringing.  A girl’s got to be prepared for every eventuality. No?

Priority for young ladies

………..and finally, (insert drum roll here), FIRST. EVER. PANK. DAY OUT.  I’m thinking first, a little cupcake-age in a charming café in a leafy street, then some quality girl time shopping, in a great crafty shop where you can buy boggling eyes and pipe cleaners and glitter and glitter and glitter, (this is probably more for me than my delightful charges, truth be told) and back to mine for some art time.

And the day after that, I’m taking to brunch, one of my loveliest friends all the way from Blighty to one of my all time favourite places to eat here, Marmalade.  Actually, I take most people here, I need a stake in that place!

So as you might be able to imagine, I am an impossible ball of excitement, (multiply by a thousand with a glass of fizz) as the next few weeks are absolutely rammed with the good stuff, and I can’t wait!


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