If life has taught me

one thing over the last three years, it’s to be thankful for everything and to say thank you every day, for even the smallest things.  It is important to quite literally, voice ‘thank you in your head, because I believe if you do this, the Universe takes care of you.

Today I have said thank you to:

The God of pedestrian crossings for making them all green man just as I approached, thus not being late for my 8 o’clock class and having time to get the much-needed, obligatory coffee en-route.

The God of good taxi drivers, for taking me the cheapest way possible, as requested, and not trying to flummux me with weird routes and rip me off.

The God of green lights for turning all the lights green whilst I was in the taxi on the way to Barcelona Norte station having wrongly gone to Sants in the first instance, therefore being in time to get the bus to Girona and not missing the plane to my much-needed weekend break.

The God of giving me too much change for the bus ticket to the airport.  This was my particular favourite God of today.

I have, however, not said thank you to any God for the sh*t Michael Jackson album playing on the bus. 


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