~ fin ~

Wrap it up, wrap it up <does that choppy neck gesture thing>. It’s time. Does anyone know how to end things well? Drop me a line. I’m never very good with goodbyes. It feels right to end things here as the last two years have gifted numerous natural conclusions (except this fucking pandemic, apparently). We […]


Three, is not the magic number

  I beg to differ De La Soul……From now on, four is my lucky number!  Where’s my lotto slip? I couldn’t have even begun to imagine such a wonderful response when I started scribbling nonsense on the 2nd January.  I’m just a woman without children who says, ‘it’s ok to not have children!’  That’s all, ya […]

If life has taught me

one thing over the last three years, it’s to be thankful for everything and to say thank you every day, for even the smallest things.  It is important to quite literally, voice ‘thank you‘ in your head, because I believe if you do this, the Universe takes care of you. Today I have said thank […]