Running with the Valentine theme

I’ve been talking to students today about love.  It’s Saint Valentine’s Day, so of course I have.  It’s not a big deal here, at all, and honestly, it’s rather nice to not be made to feel sub-human by the marketing men back at home, who have been ramming it down the throats of the populous since the day after Father Christmas fell p*ssed down the chimney on the 25th December.  I asked my students, ‘what do you look for in a partner?’ and one student said, ‘that my dinner is ready when I arrive home and everything in the house, and with the children is in order’.  This particular student was not laughing when they responded.  This particular student was not a lady student.  Also this particular student was not an ancient old dinosaur in a tie student.  I took honesty off my list of things I look for immediately.

or laugh her knickers off!

or laugh her knickers off!

They wanted my thoughts too and I saw this today and it pretty much sums me up.

Being smart is such a sexy thing, an intelligent conversation is so, so, ssSsooooo important, if there’s no connection between two minds, there’s little connection anywhere else.  For me.  I only ever speak for myself.  And that’s why I don’t tend to do (much) of the casual stuff.  Even if the connection is fleeting, it definitely has to be there to spark my interest.

But, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, combine this with an ability to make me laugh and honestly, my pants will quite literally fall off, of their own accord.  They know me that well.  You could look like John Merrick or Wayne Rooney (wait, no, actually even I have limits), but if you’re intelligent and funny, you’re always going to capture my heart.

So, from that very place in my heart and my undergarments, I send this message to any male readers out there;

Kiss her mind” (laugh her knickers off).  You can have that for free.

No need to thank me, you’re welcome men folk.

Anne. x


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