Take a moment please,

to think about what it means to you to be a woman.

Look at us all having so much fun being women

Look at us all having so much fun being women

Tomorrow* is International Women’s Day, (and yes, menfolk, we’re sorry we’ve got a special day, but only a little bit), and I want you to think about why you love being a woman.

1) What part of this feminine journey means the most to you? 

I’ll give you a starter for ten; we’ve got BOOBS and boobs are ace!  Not only do they look nice and feel nice, we could probably successfully use them as weapons of mass destruction** to bring about world peace.  I think we could probably sink battle ships with our puppies but wouldn’t (because we are, after all, the ‘fairer’ sex), and instead we would just flash them, en-masse, and all the evil war mongers would be so distracted, they’d forget to blow each other up.  If Helen can bring about the fall of Troy, because of her beautiful face, just think what we could achieve with our breasts………

2) Why wouldn’t you swap it for manhood in one million, trillion whole years? 

For me, it has to be the inconvenience of rigorously jiggling my penis after the loo to ensure all the pee pee has gone before packing it away again, and most often still not succeeding to come away without at least a little dribble out front.  One word.  WIPE.

More to follow tomorrow as we celebrate International Women’s Day together………  think on.

*Women are so smart, that we even put our day on a Saturday, so we can really celebrate.

**Probably now, somewhere out there, spies have intercepted my blog and the key words ‘mass destruction’ (even though crossed out) and will proceed surveillance.

NB. When I put ‘women laughing’ into Google Images, the first result was, “Woman, laughing alone with salad.”  I can assure you that there is nothing in the slightest bit funny about a salad and eating it alone.


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