Paris part II – July 2014

I’ve said it before, but I will say it again.  I’m a lucky woman.

Beautiful Paris

Beautiful Paris

For a start, I’m writing this from the beach. Which is 15 minutes from my place. Enjoying the hazy sun and a balmy breeze. (It’s the little things.)

But most importantly for me, I have infinite freedom.  I’ve learnt that the kind of freedom I’m talking about, is of course only a state of mind, and absolutely nothing at all to do with physical constraints or the trappings of beaurocracy and it’s silly bits of paper.  You only have to look at the high percentage of married/’committed’ people philandering, to see a more realistic take on freedom; it’s definitely, as Derren Brown might say, all in the mind.

But my freedom is actual. I only have myself to look after, I only have myself to please. And that means that I can pick up and take off, as and when I feel like it.


I’ve just been to Paris for the second time this year, after 20 years away.  This time to spend time with friends, who are musicians, that I met in a previous life. I went to Paris to see Django a la Creole play, for pleasure for a change, for the first time in the seven years they’ve been performing together.  And to sit in the audience and get swept away with the rest of the crowd for a couple of hours, was blissful.  I think I’d almost forgotten how to relax and enjoy it.

Armed with my little Paris guide book and map, I explored a little more, and discovered a little more.

And I got to catch up with a very special old friend, and that’s important, we are lucky, that with a friendship that spans almost fifteen years, it’s so easy to pick up where we left off. And drink whiskey until four in the morning….. and tell each other things we really shouldn’t.  There are some people you meet along the way, that are truly special, and you might not be able to put your finger on why, but you connect.

And I got to meet new, fascinating people, and listen to their stories.  It’s what life is all about.

When in France, eat cheese and drink wine

When in France, eat cheese and drink wine


And I’m thinking about going to a festival in the Pyrenees next month, because I can, and the boys are there, and I can spend more time with them.  And I am thinking about spending some time off in Paris next Summer, to study the language, and write. Again; because I can.

This is the year I’ve said yes to everything.  Because you should take those opportunities when you can. You just never know when the offers will stop coming: and life is short.


But it can truly be one, big adventure.


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