If I was Russell Brand’s aunt

I’d play a game of ‘Let’s see who can stay quiet, the longest’. Russell, sweetheart, it’s time to stop talking. One must know how to recognise that moment when it comes, and accept it. And more than that, one must know one’s limits. And you have well and truly reached yours.

Fingers on lips, while Aunty Anne explains. Sssshhhhhh…….


Now, I love you very much, and I agree it was like totally a complete riot in the beginning, to proclaim one’s self a revolutionary. Haha! What a jolly jape. Even the pictures of you, transformed into a modern day embodiment of Che Guevara/Jesus, were like totes hilarious. LOL.

But I fear sweet, darling heart of mine, that you were not at all prepared for the response to your, initially frivolous and mischievious comments. And that you most certainly did not for one solitary instance, expect to be invited onto serious, intelligent news programmes to justify your musings on contemporary politics.

You’re a smart boy, so you understand the merits of ‘quitting while you’re ahead’, and bowing out with a little bit of remaining dignity.

That moment has arrived darling. And it happened when you were met by Evan Davis on Newsnight. THIS is an arena where your Dickensian verbosity doesn’t wash, and you will be challenged to substantiate your views and opinions. And you couldn’t.

So, take a step back, say, “I’m happy I made you think about things”. But don’t humiliate yourself any more. Good job lovely boy, you rode the wave long and far, be happy with that. Unless you can up your game.

Lots of love


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