2014, the year that was…..

Happy new year everyone.   Best wishes  for 2015.  xxx

Happy new year everyone.
Best wishes for 2015.

…. a bit of a party.

So, as I pack for green and pleasant lands, I can reflect on the year that was, and look forward to the year that will be.  With, I have to say, a little twinge of excitement.  Keep it on the down low, I think it’s going to be a good one.

After being half-heartedly wooed for approximately 6 days and a few hours in the early part of the year, from February onwards, I consciously uncoupled from relationships/dating, and set about starting a collection of some nicer, more interesting, talented, funny men to have some of the dinner/drinks/sexy time with.  Occasionally.  This was, I have to admit, surprisingly agreeable.  I accepted all the invitations that came my way, travelled, studied a little, and learned quite a lot about myself.  I think I had what some might describe as, a tiny voyage of self-discovery.

When I was forty-three, it was a very good year
It was a very good year for red-blooded men
for seeing new places
and meeting new faces
Who would have thought that of me
When I was forty-three
(thanks Frank, I bow down to your superior jazziness)

NB. I absolutely promise NOT to write one of these every year. Honest.

2014 was the year I said a big, fat ‘f*ck YOU!’ to a bunch of rude or inappropriate or bad-mannered or presumptuous arseholes from my past (and a few from my present). Why was I still in touch with these people? Good question.  Cut those ties!  It’s healthy and it feels SOooo good.

It was the year that I found a character to hide behind, as a means by which to foist my single woman, childless opinions onto the World, (whether it wanted to hear them or not).  And Anne Pank, my inner self, was set free and I kind of love her, she’s a riot.  That almost seven thousand of you, from eighty nine countries, have checked in and read my sometimes rambling nonsense, has brightened my year immensely.  Thank you so much, I’ve enjoyed it more than you can imagine.

Feminism, almost blew itself up by being bandied about flippantly or borderline hysterical.  If I can salivate over David Gandy, smouldering and prowling around all over the place, in his under grundys, (see below.  You’re welcome), I’m not offended by a science nerd in a saucy shirt.  Quite simply, it wasn’t appropriate for a telly appearance. That’s all.

Now, let’s all take a moment, appreciate Mr G, relax a little and focus on the real issues, such as equal pay and reducing violence against women.  Talking of which, Kim Kardashian, you are not brave for putting your oily, inflated backside all over our screens.  Your idiotic, grinning chops made me do a little sick in my mouth.  Malala Yousafzai,  did not.  Incredible young woman.

2014 was the year I learned:

      • that I’m quite happy with myself: the person I am, the mind, the body.  i.e. “I’m alright, I am.”
      • to accept that not all people will agree, and sometimes others will think I am disappointing/annoying/stupid/ unattractive/a prize tit.  Mostly that last one.
      • this is okay, sometimes it happens.  Besides which, being a tit is fun sometimes.  Oh,who am I kidding? All the time.
      • to find pleasure in exercise. I LOVE running.  And I can squat 32 kilos (without making grunty sex noises). SCORE!
      • to seize opportunities when they come your way, as you never know when they’ll arise again.  Thank you to those of you who invited me along for the ride.  With all my heart.  It was wonderful, it was fun, and sometimes totes emosh. *sniff
      • I can be pro-active when I set my mind to it.
      • and because of this, I can build a small business.  Shit me, I think I am (a little bit) entrepreneurial!
      • to make an effort to catch up with old friends and tell them you love them, and make some new ones, and tell them you love them too.
      • that it appears my key man demographic has now shifted from plain old ar*ehole, to men in relationships. **sigh. Whatever is a girl to do?
      • that I don’t need to be in a ‘relationship’, to have great ‘relationships’, (air inverted commas), <out of the corner of my mouth> if you know what I mean. 
      • that I finally, at this age, am not scared to cut the dead wood.  What a truly liberating feeling that is.
      • I can be disciplined, when I try really, really hard.  I still think I’d fair better with a person with a whip standing over me.  (Oh wait, that’s another post for another day). Mostly due to knowing you guys are reading here and #smalltales over at Twitter and Tumblr.
      • Twitter is a lot of fun!  And to my sequin-wearing partner in crime there, Monkeyspangles and the others who write the funniest stuff every day, I salute you.
      • I make a shit-hot Christmas cake!  FACT!
      • that we are not invincible/inmortal
      • and that, for this reason, it is imperative to enjoy EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT. of EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  (that’s not to say, you need to be perpetually happy, ee Gods no! Those people are not to be trusted).

Just don’t lose sight of the good stuff, because before you know it, you won’t be able to run, or travel, your hair will no longer be where it should be, and in other places you’d really prefer it wasn’t.  You won’t be able to pick up that instrument or paint brush; and loved ones will no longer be here.
Time is short and precious. Appreciate it. If you have a roof over your head, your health, friends, family and love; be happy.

Farewell 2014.

Farewell 2014.

Helllloooooo 2015, I see you lurking in the shadows,
I hope you got some of the good stuff for us all.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Lots of love,
Annie P.


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