International Day of Happiness 

For me, HAPPINESS is:

Being alive and being healthy.  Appreciate it. Every. Single. Day.

Love – this is not the exclusive reserve of couples.  Love yourself (a lot, if the mood takes you.  Err hheerrm), breathing, fruit, creatures – except the likes of snakes/cockroaches/earworms/penis-burrowing fish, and their ilk (that’ll get you nowhere).  Your world, your city, family and friends, food, wine, the sea.  You get the picture.

The sun on my face.

Travel – meeting people and finding out about different cultures, seeing the world from a different angle.  Breathing different air, eating different food, talking different languages (even if really, really badly). Travel is the world’s best classroom.


Music – ALL of it.  Especially live. (Though probably death, thrash metal a smidge less than jazz or funk or pop)

My nieces and nephews – they are my little (or not so little anymore) rays of sunshine.  My midlife meltdown was softened yesterday, by recorded chirruping happy birthday messages, a guitar/vocal rendition of Viva La Vida by video and a mention on Instagram.  


The total escapism of cinema.

Sleeping through the night.


Happy International Day of Happiness.  




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