Reasons why I don’t have kids #54

The beach. 

I have five different levels of SPF, to ensure an even tan.  And to gradually reduce the strength as the summer progresses.  I have a two litre bottle of water, frozen in the freezer overnight so that it stays cold for the maximum time. No-one likes drinking bath temperature water.  I have a rattan mat to avoid excessive sand in those places we don’t like the sand to go.  You know.  I have a good book for when I’m not sleeping, getting brown. 

There will be alcohol at some point, whether that be a cocktail or gin-in-a-tin. Because: holiday.  (Erstwhile known as life between my classes.)

1 x bag full of the above

1 x rattan mat 

1 x me

It takes dedication and hard work to relax this much

I travel light.  How do mums do it?! Buckets/spades/windcheaters/prams (have you seen the parents struggling with those on the sand?)/snacks for a family of five/armbands/floatation aids/hats/games/any sort of physical activity.  Thirty-four degree heat is not conducive to any form of movement (except the occasional dip), once installed in your pitch on the sand.
Jeeezz. It could be exhausting; and the whole point of a trip to the beach is relaxation….

And that is my ‘reasons why I don’t have kids’ #54


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