Reasons why I don’t have kids #59

The bubbling fountain of raging lava percolating under the surface of my subconscious, ready to explode at the first sight of (what should be) utterly unbelievable news, seen on social media on a daily basis.

I thought that maybe, with the turning of a new annual leaf, 2017 might gift me with a calmer disposition.  But nope, I’m still riled Every. Single. Day. And. My. New. Favourite. Pastime. Is. To. Illustrate. This. By. Over. Punctuating. Everything.  

And also, can you imagine living with: 

“Are you f*€%!*g KIDding me?!”

“F*%# the F!*# ALL the way OFF! You USEless piece of Sp*!£# S£*T!”

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccckkk YYOOOOUUUUUUUU!!!!”

“Oh c*!k off Trump, you right royal c*ck weasel and take your sniveling, p*ss poor excuse of a c*#$ of a mate, Farage with you!!!!!”


*”Johnson, you p*€#s drip on the trousers of the United Kingdom!”

Etc. etc. etc…… 

And that is my ‘reasons why I don’t have kids’ #59. 

*This one is my personal favourite.

-puffs out chest, cocks head, looks smug-


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