A world of firsts

So, I’ve been in my new place a week now, and I’ve charted the excitement of all of the news – by annoyingly posting about everything I’ve done for the first time at the new address. I’m irritating the shit out of myself, so I am certain it’s driving y’all absolutely bloody crazy.

First meal cooked in the oven in a new Pyrex dish, first Campari and soda on my little balcony, wrapped up against the chill, at the table and chairs my friend bought me as a housewarming for the last place, lit with a lamp gifted to me by my nieces. The first Sunday in pjs, watching crap telly. First sofa with hidden storage space in the chaise – are you shittin‘ me?! The first afternoon nap – P.R.I.O.R.I.T.I.E.S. First IKEA furniture put together, the first time hearing neighbours having sex (aaahhh, city living), first shower without the hot water running out, first visit to the local Chinese bazaar – God I love those places, first breakfast in bed; also Sunday, btw. First alone time…..errrherrrmm *does winky elbow thing here*. First pictures mounted. First number two in a bathroom with mood lighting. I mean really, they thought of quite literally everything when they refurbished this building.

The first morning of work was stressful due to the usual ‘brain wakes you every hour on the hour in case your alarm fails even though it’s never failed at any time in the recent past’ new place situation. But, happily I’ve discovered that I don’t need to wake a whole TWENTY minutes earlier, just a mere ten. *does endless cartwheels of joy*………. I love my bed. Especially the new mattress. Jesus Christ, why did no-one tell me what pleasures would abound from spending more than the bare minimum on a pointy, stabby bargain basement affair?? You bunch of utter bastards.

These firsts of pure joy have been a tiring, blessing in disguise that I’ve wholeheartedly embraced, to avoid thinking too much about the mountain of other firsts that have passed these last two weeks.


Tonight was the first Wednesday night class that we haven’t followed with a couple of drinks across the road. I’d completely forgotten until I got there and my stomach lurched at the address of my final class of the day. It jarred me……. there are so many things that have been masked by the move. Thanks be to all the gods. Hallelujah!! The first day not texting a good morning message, or a goodnight. The first Friday without an early afternoon finish and an escape to a nice beachside restaurant for a romantic boozy lunch. First time in a long time without a, ‘…….love you…..‘. Amazing how quickly you become used to that. And how quickly you forget the last time you let it into your life, and the inevitable pain connected with it. I imagine that’s a bit like childbirth. The first Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, etc. etc. etc. The missed first dinner together in my new place, missed first anniversary celebration…… we were just nine days shy.

Anyway…….There will be a few more firsts to bore the living Hell outta ya – and me – before I’m done (but really, it’s all so exciting!) be warned, but I won’t be talking about the *says conspiratorially out of corner of mouth* the ‘other’ ones: of that you can be sure. There are too many more good things to focus on: dinner party, family and friends visiting, Christmas celebration, evil hangover under a throw on the sofa with an endless supply of Lays crisps and Nestea and Ben and Jerry’s. First supermarket online delivery arrival, sick day with a hot-water bottle and a hot toddy (kind of comforting)…….. good things, you say? It’s all relative.


One thought on “A world of firsts

  1. Joyous reading Anne. I smiled so much at this. I agree, a good mattress is worth its weight in gold. Keep the firsts comings but I imagine you are already on to your seconds and thirds etc by now. Cousin Pons x

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