Feb 14, 2020

Another day, another dollar. Or: another year, another day of somewhat forced reflection as to why I’m still single and not being awoken with a big fat portion of Instagrammable love. You know, a kiss and a coffee and a pain au chocolat flown in from Paris all the while looking forward to a day […]

New Year’s Eve

It’s a funny old thing, isn’t it? For me anyway. I really can’t remember the last time that I did the whole, head-to-toe, two day preparation ‘out out‘, New Year’s Eve. Not since my siblings and I went to the ‘Living Room’ (not ‘a‘ living room. That would be weird. A family coming home from […]

A world of firsts

So, I’ve been in my new place a week now, and I’ve charted the excitement of all of the news – by annoyingly posting about everything I’ve done for the first time at the new address. I’m irritating the shit out of myself, so I am certain it’s driving y’all absolutely bloody crazy. First meal […]

The Ten Commandments, Part II

So the mating ritual continued, with much posturing,¬†fluffing of feathers and displaying, only I didn’t like his plumage too much (or the idea of being kept as a sex slave in a shoe box – commandment 6 – before my axey/birdy death).¬† And still a drink didn’t arrive. Second installment, lessons six – ten. Re: […]