If I was the Brazilian national football team’s aunt, I’d….

line them all up, like they do before a match and walk along, give them the pity face and silently hug them all tightly to my breast. And I’d really mean it. There might even be hair stroking and face cupping. Then I would hand them all a gift-wrapped DVD of a Germany training video […]

If I was Luis Suárez aunt, I’d…

call him up and say, ” Listen Chops, what are you playing at, for the love of the Holy Mother of Sweet Baby Jesus??!!”  And I wouldn’t actually give him a chance to answer,  continuing, “What happened the last time you bit your Uncle Jose at the family barbecue in May, hey, remember?? Hm, hm?” […]

The World Cup is

almost upon us and I am really rather excited about it (believe it or not).  As a Brit, at times like this, I support any and every team from these fair isles, we are after all, the United Kingdom.  And as a fellow Brit (if you’re reading this) I know you’ll completely understand the masochistic […]