Kings Day PANK Duties

In Cataluña they celebrate epiphany with Dia de Reyes or Kings Day.  Mrs L invited me to spend my first proper Kings Day with her and the family, which was lovely and now Aunty Anne is en route home after a day spent at Casa L’bonne, full of Mexican food and zero alcohol beer.  I arrived laden with gifts that the Kings left in my house by mistake and a shopping bag full of

Chilaquiles and enmoladas

Chilaquiles and enmoladas

Mexican ingredients for the Mex feast I was going to prepare.  Ours was most certainly an alternative Dia de Reyes!!  As well as spending some quality time with my L’bonettes (two gorgeous girls, five and four), I was set up with some French dude who, before I met him, was described as ‘no hottie, but no munter either’, which as you can imagine, didn’t fill me full of confidence quite honestly.  But, and this really is a deal maker, he makes and sells tables for a living ………  Useful skill to have, furniture making. Worth a punt!

Sunset on my THIRD Dia de Reyes.  Where does the time go?

Sunset on my THIRD Dia de Reyes. Where does the time go?

Fast forward six hours and I can safely say I don’t want to date the table maker with a negative outlook on living in St Barts (how is THAT possible), and who stripped off his shirt and flung it unceremoniously on my best friend’s couch (revealing a t-shirt I hasten to add), before leaving for a motorcycle ride with Mr L.  THAT would annoy me if it was my house and my boyfriend, but as a guest in someone’s house, it’s unspeakably rude!

Apart from that, I’ve had a gorgeous day and am going to make plans for the first AP/L’bonette outing in a few weeks. Scary!!


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