Reasons why I don’t have kids #10

I never met a man I looked at and thought “I have such a huge, aching love for you inside me that the only way possible to illustrate the strength of that is to have your baby.  I want your baby, I love you that much.” Which is kind of how I imagined you would know you were […]

So, about those pen*ses

OR: The lengths men will go to (eerr herm) These days it appears that sending a photograph of your penis by mobile, to a woman you’re trying to woo, is more than common place (if you are a man of course, and have one to photograph).  And that if, as a single woman, you don’t […]

How I left the poor Frenchie lost in the City of Evil

OR: When I politely declined the offer of a bed for the night and went home……. Male – check Own teeth (all visible, not brown) – check Hair – check Sexy accent – check and check again! Handsome – check Funny with a capital ‘F’ for Funny AND French – check Second date in Paris?  […]

Kings Day PANK Duties

In Cataluña they celebrate epiphany with Dia de Reyes or Kings Day.  Mrs L invited me to spend my first proper Kings Day with her and the family, which was lovely and now Aunty Anne is en route home after a day spent at Casa L’bonne, full of Mexican food and zero alcohol beer.  I arrived […]

Ikea + 1s

There are certain things in life that you don’t like to do but that you must do.  IKEA on a Saturday afternoon in ANY country is one of these  things.  When you are a single woman, there are also certain things you must have that are essential to help you do the things that you must […]