It is quite possible

that I may have met the male equivalent of myself!

So then does that mean that I’m a complete narcissist to find him so irresistibly attractive?

I can talk a LOT.  I can talk a lot of sh*t.  (You may have noticed).  Also, I say things often, mostly to amuse and entertain myself.  (I’m very sure you’re not supposed to laugh at your own work quite as much as I did while writing the first ‘Thought for the day’.)   I find strange things interesting and funny.

So multiply that by approximately 1045.062 and you might have a rough idea of the type of character I’m talking about!  If we share a very similar sense of humour, it’s a fist pump moment.

I like big, tall men, it’s true.  I really like big, tall, strong men who can toss you around like a pork chop. They’re great fun.  I like handsome men – obviously, which woman in her right mind doesn’t (Mr Clooney, if you’re reading this, call me).

I like all those things, but I LOVE big brains, and no that is not a euphemism for something else.  But, and it’s an important but, if you can combine the big brain and reduce me to tears or make me almost spurt water out of my nose because I’m laughing so much, you more than trump every, single one of the things above, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

*spurting water out of nose not particularly attractive, but excellent measure of funniness!


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