You’re never too old to learn

(or wear sequins) and last night I learnt from a master.

So, my brain magic was totally thrown into question by a chance meeting with ‘Stealthy Magic Boy’, a very cool customer indeed.

Some friends of mine were visiting Barcelona for a couple of days so I met them for dinner after work last night, otherwise it would have been another ten months until I saw them at the annual Christmas get-together.  Among the group, some of whom I’d never met before, were eight year old Stealthy Magic Boy and his parents and I was granted the good fortune to sit next to him for the duration of the evening.

During this time, I kid ye not, he multiplied my humble Euro many times over, made money pass through solid wood and then disappear altogether.  Then before he burst into flames he made coins rain from the sky, (OK, that last bit isn’t entirely true), but it was pretty impressive stuff nonetheless.  There was a point where my head almost nearly exploded trying to comprehend the magnitude of said magic, but thankfully there was pink wine to hand to steady my nerves and provide a distraction.

He gave me some pretty sound business advice too.  Smart kid.

So, remember this, life is a short journey and along the way we meet people who make an impact and give us something to enrich our lives.

Stealthy Magic Boy taught me to be aware, take notice, and do magic tricks with money.  Because that’s how you end up with five euros in your pocket you didn’t have before………. The boy’ll go far.


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