A word to the wise

(or inately stupid).

Right Royal Tit!

Right Royal Tit!

Justin Bieber, just because you have a big tattoo of me on your calf does not mean your recent behaviour is forgiven.  I like this particular representation of myself, it just so happens, Ecce Homo by Rubens from 1610, and  I am very flattered you wanted my face on your person.  But; you and I need to have a little chat my son about your weed-smoking, brothel-frequenting, stripper n*pple-licking, DUI antics.  You’re a role model and idol to very young people around the world.

Pray me up and let’s get you straightened  out.


Lady Jesús x

p.s.  For disguise purposes, I have two words for you.  Chic. Turban.


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