OR: I’ve got a bit of a head cold.

My head more or less exploded into a cloud of sn*t and tears yesterday, between leaving my front door and arriving at work, (approximately twenty five minutes including an emergency visit to the pharmacy en-route).

I don’t know why, but I seem to get colds in the front of my head only.  Really.  From my eye sockets forward, which I happen to think is a little weird. I call it ‘front head (otherwise known as my face) cold syndrome’.  And, to make things worse, I get mangey cat symptoms in my left eye only, like when they get all old and dribbly.  You get the idea, I am a beautiful, glowing picture of health.

Annie P after work today.  It was a bad day.

Annie P after work today. It was a bad day.

There’s a connection between some kind of evil cold germ colony festering in my left nostril, near the bridge, which irritates the sh*t out of my left eye rendering me Rocky-esque post film fight finale.

I don’t want to leave the house when I’m like this, so I dragged myself to work and I crawled immediately back into bed after my first class at 10am and stayed there until my next class at 3pm. I feel sorry for myself mainly because I have to look after me and I use it as an excuse to eat pizza in bed with a honey and lemon chaser and a hot water bottle on my feet.  I feel sorry for MYSELF!

Going to bed without chicken soup OR TLC *sulky pout.

p.s. Harumph.


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