2020 End of Year Review: the Covid months, pt.10

Aaahhh, remember the Dolly Parton Challenge 160 years ago? That was fun. I posted —>>>> on the 1st January on Instagram and, as they say over on the Twitter, ‘this aged well’. It was the year I bought a beautiful pair of Mary Janes that will never see the light of day now that my […]

Reasons why I don’t have kids #55

Some people say to me, often I just realised, “You’re a bit pessimistic/negative”. What I might have said to elicit that response, is something along the lines of 1. “Jesus H. Christ my knees hurts.  *Age is a big ol’ bitch!” OR 2. “Jesus H. Christ, Monday again, what a c*nt!”, OR 3. “JEHEE-EE-Sus Holy Mother […]


OR: I’ve got a bit of a head cold. My head more or less exploded into a cloud of sn*t and tears yesterday, between leaving my front door and arriving at work, (approximately twenty five minutes including an emergency visit to the pharmacy en-route). I don’t know why, but I seem to get colds in […]

Public service announcement

Hello. If you are family and you are reading this blog, I apologise now for anything that might be a bit shocking or offensive.  I should have noted this sooner, but there will most certainly be some: details of occasional rudies bad F*~k!ng language talk of pee pees, poo poos and lady gardens but no names.  […]