Dry spell

Sometimes it’s not easy this writing lark…….  and when the wind’s been sucked out of your sails, it’s really difficult to dredge the motivation or find your funny.  What’s the secret that successful writer’s possess?  Just write something, anything and put it out there?  Have a big, rolling wilderness with tumbleweeds, where your blog used to be?  Explain personally to your readers what’s happening?  And hope they understand.

This post-birthday week has been tough, a little dull, a little, ‘blah’, a little, ‘yada, yada, yada’.  Life’s like that sometimes, bills need paying, work needs doing, there are no plans for anything out of the ordinary, or things don’t pan out quite as you’d hoped.  I don’t even want to go to the gym.  All quiet on the western front.


If I found it difficult to even get out of bed today and am finding it hard to speak to humans, then I’m really struggling to write.

I don’t even want to wear sequins, it’s that bad.

Annie P is not her perky, upbeat self.

Dear lord alive, she’s lost her sparkle.


send help. (sequins and gin).




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