A date with the Captain

Isn’t. Life. Just. The. Funniest. Thing.

I think my week in Cambridge might be quite interesting.  Apart from obviously learning some stuff, it looks likely my evenings will be full too after I had a rather delightful surprise last night, when I received a message from a very old ‘friend’.


We met in 2003, as he walked towards me, out of the smoke of a helicopter display team finale, in a boiler suit, carrying his helmet.  That is not a euphemism, and I’m not even joking. FACT. *swoon

Tenuously linked on FB and not actively in touch, (apart from a genial birthday wish once a year), I received an invitation to meet up with His Dashingness for drinks, during my study week. And who am I to refuse that offer?

Please note: I’m still on man sabbatical. A little bit.


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