Open letter to the USA

Ms Anne Pank
some dark, gothic street

Dear United States of America,

I hope you don’t mind me getting in touch with you like this, but the desire was too strong to ignore.

Tomorrow is D-Day.  Don’t f*ck it up.

I do apologise, let me rephrase that.  Failing President Obama – knowledgeable, elegant, diplomatic, respectful, honest, caring, a true gentleman – staying in charge forever


The eagle is dangerous. Very, very dangerous. It’s the most dangerous eagle. (Can we have the eagle killed?)

(perhaps even of ALL of the world); what’s the next best option actually available to you with less than twenty-four hours to go?  Certainly not to vote for a weird, orange wanna be thug – let’s face it, all that tough talk is in stark contrast to his reaction to real threats, (God bless that American Bald Eagle).

Look, we’re kind of banking on you to do the right thing tomorrow, because let’s face it, we’ve f*cked up pretty badly over this side of the pond……  We need to see some hope that not absolutely everyone inhabiting the planet is a stark-raving, hate-filled ball of pus/hate/bile.  OK, rewind:  We just need the hope bit.  We need hope.  I’ve got it etched into my skin, hope is so important to me.  But that last bit is by the by.

Here’s the thing.  I’m a big fan of evidence, who’d have known, look at me being all sciency and stuff.  Professor Brian Cox would be proud.  The orange one is a fraud, he’s a bully – he’s mocked the afflicted, the fallen, POWs, minority groups, the States’ own armed forces, women, and even his own wife.  He’s been bankrupt numerous times, he openly admits he doesn’t pay tax, there are seventy-four open legal cases against him at the moment, he’s a sex pest and a cheat and a liar.  Most recent case in point the video of Obama’s reaction to a Trump supporter’s protest, and Trump’s version of the events.  There have been numerous personal accounts of people’s experience with this oaf.  It’s fair to say, the majority of them have not been favourable.

Do you really want someone like that to act as a representative of the American people, globally?  Really?

Then you’ve got Hillary,who sent some emails from a personal server.  When Trump says, “SHE’S GUILTY” (serious lack of a shouty font), what’s she guilty of, dude?  Sending emails?  We’re all guilty of that.  That’s the best you’ve got.  “THAT WOMAN IS GUILTY OF SENDING EMAILS!!!!!”

Now is not the time for a protest vote.  Look where it got good ol’ Blighty, back in June.  The promises were reneged immediately, the motley crew who spewed the same vitriol as Trump abandoned the sinking ship within mere days of the result (some might say they were actual rats), we’ve become an international laughing stock and the country is already poorer.  It’s only four months in and it’s set to continue in that vein for some time to come.

So, love her or hate her, Clinton has decades of political experience and a lifetime of working for a better life, for children, families, women and the left behind.  No-one is perfect, granted, but come on…… to undo the good work that has been achieved under the Obama administration would be what you get for your vote for the ogre.


And quite honestly, on a personal level I’m scared of what the world could become with him at the helm of the most powerful country in the world.

But more than that, I’ll also be really sad – as I was after Brexit – to discover that yes, the world is full of irrational raging people, striking out in the wrong direction – at the poor, people of colour, refugees, migrants, anyone who doesn’t look like them or agree with their point of view.  I don’t like the sound of that world much.

So, no pressure States.

I wish you all the best tomorrow,
and I have my fingers tightly crossed

Best regards

Annie P

p.s. I thought this post might be funnier, so here’s a joke,

“Did you hear the one about the dyslexic devil worshipper?  He sold his soul to Santa”





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