Reasons why I don’t have kids #14

I am not very good when I am ill with *little things, like my ‘front head (otherwise known as my face) cold syndrome’.  I soldier on and go to work (mainly because I am freelance and have to because I don’t get paid if I don’t), am a martyr to the cause and like to go to bed, a LOT, with honey and lemon, a hot water bottle and sometimes a slice of pizza.  I’d prefer chicken soup, and it has to be a bowl of steaming Knorr… (childhood memories), but it doesn’t taste the same when you have to boil the kettle yourself.

I don’t really like to see people or speak to people (more than normal) or for people to see me with my John Merrick eyes and red nose.  I’m British, of course I have high colouration in the cold, the hot, the wind, the rain and when I am sick and have to wipe it a lot.  OK?

Absolutely no room for little people in that scenario.  Unless they are capable of constructing soup from a packet and bringing it to mummy.  Remember, no daddy in this story, more on that later.

And that is my ‘reasons why I don’t have kids’ #14

NB. Writing from my sick-bed.

*If  I’ve got something serious like pneumonia, I don’t even go to hospital.  Go figure.


5 thoughts on “Reasons why I don’t have kids #14

  1. Lo siento. No hablo inglés y la traducción al castellano es un poco mala. aunque supongo que me gustaría tener su correo electrónico, pero nadie nos ha presentado ni creo que lo haga en el futuro. Por lo demás, la vida sigue igual jajaj. Es que con el castellano me sobra y soy malo para los idiomas.

    Feliz semana santa

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