Three, is not the magic number


I beg to differ De La Soul……From now on, four is my lucky number!  Where’s my lotto slip?

I couldn’t have even begun to imagine such a wonderful response when I started scribbling nonsense on the 2nd January.  I’m just a woman without children who says, ‘it’s ok to not have children!’  That’s all, ya esta!  Whatever your personal circumstances, life can be fun, full and exciting.  How could I ask for a more fantastic few months?  I couldn’t, it’s not possible.  I love that so many people around the world have checked in, and  I’m delighted to see all your flags pop up every day.  I love writing here, it’s been a fantastic beginning to 2014.  Long may it continue.

  • The Secret Diary of Anne Pank has been online for almost four months
  • Has been read in over 40 countries
  • Is lucky enough to have four hundred and forty four followers
  • And more than 4000 page views.


Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Whoever you are – man, woman, coupled up, single, children, no children, special dog with reading abilities (I think you may be in the wrong place, you need Britain’s Got Talent) –  I hope you keep reading, keep enjoying, keep following, keep sharing.  And tell me your stories, I can’t wait to hear them.

Thank you to the bloggy people too, you’re ace!  and I’m learning a lot from you as I bumble along.

Lots of love to everyone!!!

Annie P  xxx

(Seriously, where’s that Lotto slip?!)


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