The gift of life

I’ve been in love these last four weeks. Deep, pure, unadulterated love. I’m intoxicated.

The love I feel for my balcony is stronger, I truly believe, than any love I have felt for a partner in all of my days. I’m obsessed, I’m giddy all the time, I have butterflies when I think about it and I can’t wait to get home and spend time with it.

To recognise and celebrate this union, what could be better than trying to cultivate life? I was gifted a jasmine some weeks ago, which is thriving, so I figured maybe it was time to sow some seeds of my own. Phnarr. (I know, I know, this is traditionally man’s territory, but you know in these days of equality). This morning, I almost raked my window boxes – not a euphemism – and stopped just in time not to drag up the tiny shoots poking through the surface. I’m gobsmacked! I did a little dance of joy. I am giver of life….

I ran around the apartment repeating over and over, ‘shoots!’ ‘shoots!

Mums. This might be the closest I will come to relating to your unbound joy, upon discovering you’re expecting…..


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