Have your cake and eat it

Madonna is sixty. The whole world is watching and listening to see how she will celebrate this milestone. I’m sure the likes of Piers Morgan, Sarah Vine and endless other worldwide detractors are probably lurking in the shadows foaming at the mouth, waiting to pounce on whatever she wears or whatever shenanigans she gets up […]


The Ten Commandments of Adult Life

I turned forty-five at the weekend, and it was all I could do, to keep the ball of abject terror down, and not run through the streets screaming like a banshee,  “I’m not ready!! I need more time!”  I was seriously close to a real-life, bona fide panic attack.  The Ten Commandments of Adult Life […]

Grey Hair DRaamaaAA!! OR…….. it’s not such a big deal

After reading Alyson Walsh’s piece in the Guardian today, I took a long, hard look at myself in the mirror and decided I disagree with pretty much ALL of it. Firstly, that ain’t no grand embracing of nothing Ms Walsh; the change is barely visible, so don’t be patting yourself on your oh-so-brave back, just yet.  If that […]