Reasons why I don’t have kids #32

The child-minding bills would be huge, while I was ‘lost in Europe’ for a substanial amount of time, stealing impressive gems.  I’d have to rethink everything. Imagine the scene.  I have a sneaking suspicion it’d be terribly difficult to find an Easyjet uniform in size age 8-9 years, thus causing all kinds of problems for the first stage my ‘diamond heist’ […]

How to commit the perfect crime (in Europe)

Sitting in the bar chit chatting after our spa day, I was saying to my cousin how strange I found it that you don’t have to provide documents on arrival into EU countries, from other EU countries. The first time I travelled from Spain to France, I was completely flummoxed when I didn’t have to […]

Post good-times come down

The only problem with having a whirlwind break away in a beautiful city with a really funny, charming and attractive man, is the return to reality…… Charles de Gaulle airport 6am, Easyjet, afternoon classes, an argument with a teenager in the queue and pain in parts of your body you didn’t know existed. Stage direction: […]