Reasons why I don’t have kids #67

Uuuummmm, because I’m good? Thanks. Another week, another sweet-intentioned ( if a tad tiresome) insistence that’s ‘THERE’S STILL TIME!’, to birth that family I somehow overlooked/forgot to have. It basically started with a simple, throw-away, ‘I’m not a mother, but even I know it’s not good to leave your toddler home alone, so that he […]

An ode to the good guy

It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when you set your relationship bar, by the high standards of a casual encounter born in a bar in 2015. But that’s exactly what I’ve done. That boy from Toulouse, who was briefly mentioned in my post Dating World Update was wonderful. Sweet, charming, gentlemanly and…….. on and […]

The year so far

Well.  It’s not been the best one has it? I spent hours yesterday, writing a post here, that will never see the light of day.  I decided today, that I did not want to dedícate any space, to the heinous few responsible for the chaos in France over the last few days.  Instead to the huge […]

Two days in Paris

Only a few photos, but a lot of laughs, great company and one particularly, breath-taking memory of Paris by night on the back of a scooter. NOTE: Not many people may know this, but there is an actual law that states you must take at least 50% of photographs of Paris in black and white. This colour photograph […]

If you wish hard enough, you can do magic with your brain

I have a magic brain.  I started wishing yesterday for something to happen.  I wished really, really hard all day yesterday, all night and then today when I was getting up at 4.30am (when what I really wanted to do was stay in bed with my hot host).  That was not good, but necessary. Then, […]

Post good-times come down

The only problem with having a whirlwind break away in a beautiful city with a really funny, charming and attractive man, is the return to reality…… Charles de Gaulle airport 6am, Easyjet, afternoon classes, an argument with a teenager in the queue and pain in parts of your body you didn’t know existed. Stage direction: […]

Living the Dream

I’m living out a fantasy right now as I type, but not the one involving Johnny Depp dressed as Jack Sparrow, that’s another post for another day. Picture this, I’m sitting with my really long legs (work with me people) curled under me on the sofa, wearing an oversized ‘boyfriend’ jumper (it’s just an expression, don’t […]

How I found myself in a crack den

OR: was taken by my  host  to simply pick up his scooter from a friend’s apartment. Because of your guest’s mild nervousness at being in a city where she doesn’t speak the language and is completely at the mercy of a man she barely knows (hot Frenchie), it’s not a funny joke to phone ahead […]

The b*tch killers of Rue de Meaux

I think I’m witnessing the disposal of a body, on a balcony across the road.  I can’t see the body, but I know it’s there from the lifting and grunting and dragging from the two men stooped over something quite obviously heavy.  A body.  My delightful host has said nothing to quell this suspicion, in […]