Thought for the day

*I wonder if the Bitch Killers of Rue de Meaux do a sideline in arsehole killing? Just a question. Move along now, nothing to see here…… *by reading this you might all be called up as witnesses in any future court case that may happen.  So, with that in mind: You know nothing You saw […]


Things I learnt in Paris, February 2014

It is more beautiful than any memory I have from the first time. Multiply that x 100 by night.  Utterly breathtaking. Multiply that x 100.50 by night from the back of the scooter of an extremely handsome and charming French man. Pastries are made the way they are supposed to be made, delicious and full […]

The b*tch killers of Rue de Meaux

I think I’m witnessing the disposal of a body, on a balcony across the road.  I can’t see the body, but I know it’s there from the lifting and grunting and dragging from the two men stooped over something quite obviously heavy.  A body.  My delightful host has said nothing to quell this suspicion, in […]