Things I will not do in 2018

This year has served me well in respect of my own personal growth…. and we all know that that is a quite excellent thing. The Rumi memes and great sooth sayer, Yogi Bear tell us that every day. Who knew that Yogi, like Paul Newman, and his smashing spaghetti sauce, had lent his name to […]

Reasons why I don’t have kids #55

Some people say to me, often I just realised, “You’re a bit pessimistic/negative”. What I might have said to elicit that response, is something along the lines of 1. “Jesus H. Christ my knees hurts.  *Age is a big ol’ bitch!” OR 2. “Jesus H. Christ, Monday again, what a c*nt!”, OR 3. “JEHEE-EE-Sus Holy Mother […]