Reasons why I don’t have kids #73

If my recently acquired cat has taught me anything, it’s this: I’m too scared of everything. I was explaining to my friend in the UK recently that I have bought a harness and lead for the cat, so that he can enjoy the balcony without me suffering a heart attack, and her response was completely […]


I’ve always loved this time of year the most: the smells, the colours, the pleasure of digging out your knitwear and boots.  Less so here, as it’s still twenty-three degrees – but you get the idea.  It’s always felt like a new leaf turning over, more so than Spring for me.  I like the idea […]

Reasons why I don’t have kids #55

Some people say to me, often I just realised, “You’re a bit pessimistic/negative”. What I might have said to elicit that response, is something along the lines of 1. “Jesus H. Christ my knees hurts.  *Age is a big ol’ bitch!” OR 2. “Jesus H. Christ, Monday again, what a c*nt!”, OR 3. “JEHEE-EE-Sus Holy Mother […]

My dad is not a well man

My Dad, the ‘character’, has had a bad year.  Well, more than just one to be honest, but this one in particular.  He’s seventy-two, so of course, things are beginning to break down and not work properly.  Not a huge surprise, some might say, for a man who smoked from the age of fourteen, until his […]

The Independent says

‘Human beings can smell sickness in others‘. I could have told them this.  It’s true, proved by the time my sister arrived at my place once, when I was ill and said, “your flat smells of death” and then gave me bananas and Lucozade. She wasn’t far off the mark, I had pneumonia.