This funk is messin’ with my brain magic man

To say I’m seriously miffed would be an understatement.  I am seriously miffed about the fact that it would appear I have to be perpetually f*cking happy in order for the brain magic and Jesús-ness to work.  B*llocks to that, it ain’t gonna happen.  I’ve discovered this devastating fact during the course of this week, as it has slowly, painfully dragged along under the choking smog of my heavy, heavy funk.

I have had to wait at pedestrian crossings, instead of the lights immediately changing in anticipation of my arrival -bloody important Jesús sh*t, when Jesús has got classes to get to.  I’ve been wishing for sh*t and lots of it and the sh*t hasn’t happened, (well a little bit did on Monday, but the funk has overshadowed that), walking on water-impossible, taxis haven’t even stopped, let alone anything else, turning water to wine-not happening, trying to bless a handsome man-almost got me arrested. I have absolutely got to shake it, or it could spell the end of the World as we know it………. cue for a song.  You have my word, I’ll be firing on all holy cylinders by the weekend.

**As an aside and completely unrelated;  intro to Strange Days by The Doors, opening titles to Casualty?


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