Diagnosis Funk

If you go to the doctor to discuss The Funk, without really knowing what exactly it is that you’ve got, but you just feel bad and weird and you say, “Doctor, I feel bad and weird and don’t want to paint my toe-nails a pretty colour”, he/she will tell you to take a seat and […]

This funk is messin’ with my brain magic man

To say I’m seriously miffed would be an understatement.  I am seriously miffed about the fact that it would appear I have to be perpetually f*cking happy in order for the brain magic and Jesús-ness to work.  B*llocks to that, it ain’t gonna happen.  I’ve discovered this devastating fact during the course of this week, as […]

I’ve got the Funk

and not in the cool, George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic way, though I wish that were the case because that would be awesome.  Imagine if every day was like this.  There’d be no war, no misery and everyone would be mellow and achieve World peace and hug each other all the time.  I like them apples. No, […]