PANKs know how to party

Saturday, 22/02/2014

19:00 hours – arrive gymnasium (closes at 19:30 hours. Was not aware of that fact).
19:30 hours – leave gymnasium. Sheepishly.
19:45 hours – arrive supermarket
19:55 hours – leave supermarket with yet more pasta, pesto and red wine.
20:00 hours – shower, while downloading Hunger Games II
20:10 hours – unload washing machine, brush and mop while pasta is on.
20:24 hours – sit down in robe, with towel on head, to movie with dinner.

I can assure you all that later, I’m going to get completely and utterly loaded out of my mind with some rock stars, models and a FAMOUS footballer…..

1. Girl crush on J-Law gets bigger every time I see her.¬† Ggrrrrrr…..

2. Lenny Kravitz, what is going on with your wonky eye I never noticed 15 years ago? (But I still would).


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