PANKs know how to party

Saturday, 22/02/2014 19:00 hours – arrive gymnasium (closes at 19:30 hours. Was not aware of that fact). 19:30 hours – leave gymnasium. Sheepishly. 19:45 hours – arrive supermarket 19:55 hours – leave supermarket with yet more pasta, pesto and red wine. 20:00 hours – shower, while downloading Hunger Games II 20:10 hours – unload washing […]

Thought for the day

You are never too old to wear sequins. I like to try and wear at least some at most all opportunities.  To tango, obviously, this is a given and LOTS on special occasions, like dancey people’s birthdays. And Sundays.  It’s like my own, private Strictly Come Dancing (inside my head). To the supermarket, to work […]