Hi there 2016, what have you got for us?

So, we’re a week into 2016 already, and it feels like any other year, right? WRONG! This is the year that our collective brain is highly likely to melt out of our ears, creating something that closely resembles the primordial soup from which we came.  How do I know this? Drummond Puddle Watch What a time […]

How to Be a Nice Sh*thead, Part II

OK chaps, here’s the thing……..  I’m going to impart some wisdom atcha, just for you menfolk, ‘coz I loves ya.  And hopefully to improve your chances of getting laid.  Because I care about your layage and your penis, too.  Maybe not quite so much as you do, quite honestly, but the sentiment is there.  I’m […]

PANKs know how to party

Saturday, 22/02/2014 19:00 hours – arrive gymnasium (closes at 19:30 hours. Was not aware of that fact). 19:30 hours – leave gymnasium. Sheepishly. 19:45 hours – arrive supermarket 19:55 hours – leave supermarket with yet more pasta, pesto and red wine. 20:00 hours – shower, while downloading Hunger Games II 20:10 hours – unload washing […]