An Ode to Mothers

Don't drop the baby!

Don’t drop the baby!

It puzzles me endless, just what it’s about

the mothering thing’s as clear as pants full of sprouts

Patience and loving and selflessly giving

When d’you get time for that other thing, living?

You juggle and cook and balance the books

The broth’s never spoilt, ‘cos you’re ALL of the cooks

Throw into the mix, a daddy maybe

and you’ve got stamina to make another baby!?

Vomit and poo and doctors and wee

balanced by smiles and love and giggles and Glee (happiness, not the popular televisión show)

Today is your day for a very good reason

But it really should be on every day, of E V E R Y season.

(Basically you’re all amAZING. I can’t even keep a plant alive.)

*I’ll just be over here, having coffee with Roger McGough, waiting for my Nobel Prize for poetry.


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