Daniel Craig and *that* papoose

Right, listen up. Just because some of us don’t have the children, doesn’t mean we don’t likes the children. Some of us. And it certainly doesn’t mean we don’t likes the men who haves the children and especially those that are full on, hands-on doting papis of the children. Case in point, Daniel Craig. A […]


2015, the year that was….

…… responsible for a gazillion teenage hearts breaking, when “bad boy”(I am also doing actual air inverted commas here), Zayn Malik announced his departure from the most successful boyband of all time. Ironically named, One Direction….. that direction being, into obscurity.  A gazillion more hearts were broken, when the remaining members of the band announced […]

An Ode to Mothers

It puzzles me endless, just what it’s about the mothering thing’s as clear as pants full of sprouts Patience and loving and selflessly giving When d’you get time for that other thing, living? You juggle and cook and balance the books The broth’s never spoilt, ‘cos you’re ALL of the cooks Throw into the mix, a […]