Reasons why I don’t have kids #6

Because Mums know everything and are always right.  FACT.  See my ‘Things I learnt in 2013’… And I don’t and I am not.  Not by any stretch of the imagination. I sometimes misjudge the simple things, like what time I need to leave the house to get to work on time.  When I say sometimes, […]

Mother’s Day 2016

Happy Mother’s Day.  To the mothers I know, and the ones I don’t, you are wonderful, ethereal creatures. My own mum will turn seventy in October of this year; and I have never valued what she is and what she does, more than I do now that I am older.  With each passing year, I […]

An Ode to Mothers

It puzzles me endless, just what it’s about the mothering thing’s as clear as pants fullĀ of sprouts Patience and loving and selflessly giving When d’you get time for that other thing, living? You juggle and cook and balance the books The broth’s never spoilt, ‘cos you’re ALL of the cooks Throw into the mix, a […]