An open letter to my nieces and nephews

Seeing most of you at Christmas, and keeping abreast of the rest of you with proud updates from your mums and dads, was like a giant punch in the gut. Oh! Not in a bad way, but y’all getting soooooo big! But let’s focus – more than that, I appreciated this year just what wonderful human beings you are all growing up to be, and I’m amazed every day.

Comme des Garçons

I’ve said it time and again, when I’ve seen pictures of you running courses with your mum, hear about you doing a gymnastic floor routine, see you rocking the drums or guitar, trial biking, trampolining, raising money for charity, writing and performing your own songs (and being interviewed on the radio and in the newspaper!) – you are quite literally, the coolest people I know, maybe even on the whole planet.

When I saw you in the summer Erin, and saw how excited you were, at just fourteen, to have your first job and open your first bank account, I could have burst with pride. And a promotion within six months? AmAZing! And at Christmas Archie, when your *Nain told me how lovely you are with her asking if she needs help with anything, I could have burst with pride. And of course there’s the fact you’ve always been a (not so little now) entrepreneur, window-cleaning, djing – what next?

Rose and Mila, such an incredible pair of little toughies over this last year, and not only that, being there every step of the way for your mum; I could burst with pride. Welsh dragon blood mixed with feisty James women genes, definitely run deep in your veins! What a cocktail.

Harry and Ellis, you are both completely hilarious!!! That one very special Valentine message to your mum Harry, and killing me with ‘The Force’, and photos of home-made toilet paper mummies/box-sitting and funny photo faces, Ellis – crack me up. Boxing Day at Sarah’s would not be nearly so much fun without your humour and shenanigans!!! Does a life on the stage beckon? I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest!

Cian and Jen and Harvey and Leo, when I see just how much joy you bring to the lives of your Nain and Taid, and how much they love all that you are and all that you do, that brings me more joy than you could possibly imagine. They are so proud of you all, your exams (urgh, horrible things, but you’re studying hard), your gymnastics competitions – completely fearless, your school plays and thousands of hobbies….. And the time spent with your Nain, Jen, crafting and learning to sew, I know was so special. I was such an undisciplined kid in comparison to you all (not much has changed there! Does that cheeky-winkyface-elbow thing here). I don’t know how you do it, but you’re all blewmin’ awesome!

And Jules, all the way over in New Zealand, even though we haven’t met yet, apart from being the most absolutely adorable cherub – with your big blue eyes and blonde curls, I know just how precious you are to your mum and dad. And how much joy you bring to your Nainy and Taidy, too. They couldn’t love you more, and from all the way over here, nor could I.

This silly aunty, shambolic aunty, little bit bonkers aunty, (gin-soaked) usually up-to-no-good aunty; couldn’t be luckier and couldn’t wish for more. And with a heart full of love and pride; this blog post is for all of you.

With many kisses and hugs – the things I am totally sure I’m completely amazing at…..

Big love

Aunty Anne


*Nain and Taid are Welsh for Nana and Grandad


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